Public Service Vehicles

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 A must have for any SACCO. The system shall give you route history; stop “ghost” road block stories and many other stories simply by giving you real time tracking.

In a nutshell you will keep on expanding your fleet as your profits shall keep on growing!

The (AVL) automatic vehicle locator, when interfaced with a web map shall enable you to monitor your bus; “manyanga” or tuk tuk. The system can remotely locate all your vehicles on any route in East Africa where there is network coverage and manage them from your smartphone or computer.

  • Tracking via SMS or GPRS (TCP/UDP)
  • Current location report
  • Tracking by time interval
  • SOS panic button
  • Geo-fencing control
  • Low battery alert
  • Speeding alert
  • External power cut alert
  • Remote engine/fuel cut
  • Real time tracking and history location play back
  • ACC detecting
  • Location reply to cell phone with street names
  • Car door/trunk detecting
  • GOOGLE map link for location via SMS, which shows you location on map via mobilephone.
  • Mileage calculation with longitude and latitude via SMS, view mileage data via GPS web-based tracking centre system.
  • Get actual address of location via SMS
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