Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the system work? What is the monthly cost?
The system uses GPS satellites to calculate the location and speed of the vehicle at all times. It also uses the Internet connection to send this information to the server. This allows the user to enter through an Internet browser and locate your vehicle fleet from any PC or Smartphone instantly. The monthly cost of mobile telephony will be to transmit GPRS. We normally charge a yearly fee for the top up plus the use of the website and the server.
How can I track my vehicle? Can a burglar disable the system?
From any PC with Internet, from any country, you can access the website by entering tracking your username and password below to go to the location on the map in their vehicles. If a thief disconnects the main battery, the system will immediately alert. Also you can install an anti-tamper button to generate a warning if someone is trying to sabotage the system. Additionally, the system will store everything that happens in memory, both the device and the Web Server.
How quick can I perform a location? What do I need to tracking a vehicle?
In GPRS mode it’s instantly transmitted. In SMS mode takes a few seconds to send the message. Teams usually transmitted every 1 minutes AVL your location by GPRS to avoid overloading the system or increase monthly costs too. In addition the user or system operator may interrogate the device requesting the exact location in real time. You need a mobile phone chip with internet or GPRS (data services). Once you place the chip must install the GPS data in a hidden place of car. The installation process is simple: the GPS antenna must be attached under the dashboard but not metal obstructing the view of the sky. The GPS signal can pass through glass and plastic without problem.
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