Whether you have just bought your first car, or manage a fleet of hundreds; the risk of theft, abuse and damage will permanently remain at the back of your mind. Simba Track makes it possible to have affordable, reliable and trusted solutions to keep track and recover if need be. Using innovative solutions, you now decide whether you want to self-manage your assets or leave it to the professionals in delivering the peace of mind you always desired.

Public Service Vehicles

This system shall maximise vehicle fleet management through its advanced GPS tracking technology. It shall give you route history amongst others. Control your “Dere” and “Makanga” with a secret eye and maximise your profits!psv

Commercial Vehicles

Simbatrack’s digital GPS tracking technology shall optimise vehicle logistic management. A win win for any entrepreneur. commercial

Fleet Solutions

Simba Track’s fleet tracking solutions deliver the real-time location of every vehicle in your fleet. trucks


The Simbatrack motorbike tracker is specially designed
with a GPS / GSM tracking technology. Prevent the “randa randa” on your “piki piki”motorbike

Asset Tracking

Simbatrack shall enable you to locate the precise location of your assets be it on the oil field; construction site or in your industry.crane