About Simba Track

Whether you have just bought your first car, or manage a fleet of hundreds; the risk of theft, abuse and damage will permanently remain at the back of your mind. Simba Track makes it possible to have affordable, reliable and trusted solutions to keep track and recover if need be. Using innovative solutions, you now decide whether you want to self-manage your assets or leave it to the professionals in delivering the peace of mind you always desired.

Why Simba Track?

Simba Track is a dedicated vehicle and asset management company that allows single users to fleet managers access a wide variety of solutions in keeping their investments safe.

Simba Track has a team of professional installation technicians, a fully equipped installation centre in Ruaraka Nairobi, and a devoted customer care unit whose aim is to remove the pain of vehicle and asset management.

Simba Track is also at the forefront of innovation with its partners in providing cutting edge technology to enable users get the most out of the solutions they chose to invest in.

Simba Track will provide your personal and commercial cars, motor cycles, trucks, forklifts, with solutions to track, monitor and recover at an affordable price with long term assurance.

Simba Track is a symbol of trust and reliability.


To make vehicle and asset tracking accessible, user friendly and manageable for all.


To be the leading supplier of innovative, reliable and trusted vehicle and asset management solutions in the East African Region.


As a company, and as individuals, we value innovation, reliability, openness, personal excellence, and mutual respect. We share goals common to our customers and strive to provide solutions that create long terms partnerships.
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